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Gun violence in America is common. This is an unfortunate fact, but it is true. More alarming is that some of the areas targeted with this genre of violence are peaceful, even healing institutions. Hospitals are commonly targeted by gun violence, resulting in innocent casualties.
In this blog, we will discuss how a SecurAlert system could prevent future incidents in hospitals by alerting the authorities with the right information. By using one of our duress alarm systems, the authorities can be notified of a violent situation in the hospital. Utilizing our ultrasound and radio frequency technologies, our system can also locate where the incident is taking place.

How Common Are Hospital Shootings?

Hospital shootings are not as common as you would think. Based on a study conducted by Johns Hopkins University and Brown University, it was found that there are 154 hospital-related shootings in America (14 each year). This number may appear small, compared to the number of school shootings America has faced each year. In 2018, alone, America has had more than seven school shootings.

Because gun violence is prevalent in America, we can only assume that it will happen again. Due to the unpredictability of shootings, one effective way to protect major institutions, such as hospitals and schools, is to install security systems that can prevent further casualties.

Why SecurAlert?

SecurAlert offers hospital staff a simple way to get help for a specific reason. For instance, our alarming systems can be reserved for serious, life-threatening situations. With one push of our duress button, security and the police can be made aware of a serious problem within the hospital. Best of all, our systems come with specialized location abilities. This means, no matter where you are on hospital property, your alarm system will be able to locate exactly where you are with 100 percent accuracy. This, obviously, can be a huge advantage to the police because they will be able to figure out what the threat is and where it is coming from.
In many high-risk situations, the police will not approach a situation until they know where the threat is and what type of threat they pose. For example, the police need to know where the assailant is in building and how many weapons they have, such as guns, knives, and even bombs. If the perpetrator has a bomb or a machine gun, the authorities must attend to the situation differently in order to limit the likelihood of incident bloodshed.

Who Is Targeted In Shootings?

Based on a study, 33 percent of perpetrators attacked the hospital due to a grudge with the hospital staff. Unfortunately, hospitals cannot save everyone. Some families have to suffer from long-lasting illnesses that rack up medical expenses for years with the hopes of a cure and full recovery. Many times, a cure is never found and families are left in mountains of debt and a lost loved one. Because of this, the surviving spouses or parents can form grudges towards the hospital and its staff. Due to their rage, they can make dangerous decisions that can put themselves, the hospital’s staff, and the in-treatment patients at risk. When a shooting occurs, 45 percent of the victims of the shooting is the perpetrator. Hospital staff only make up 20 percent of the overall casualties in a hospital shooting.

SecurAlert Security Systems

Even though the casualty numbers are low for hospital staff victims, there are still too many. Hospital staff should never be at risk from disgruntled patients or their families for doing their jobs. Because of this, it is important to give each staff member a SecurAlert duress alarm system, in order to keep them safe. With just a push of a button, they can give the right information to the proper authorities so they can get the help they need, faster.